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From fishing boats to furniture

Greetings everyone and happy Spring!

I do have some exciting hat related news for you but first, and without further ado, about this furniture. (You may have seen it in the latest edition of ‘Good Magazine’.) Isn’t it beautiful. It’s all made from fishing boats salvaged from islands all over Indonesia. No longer sea worthy, many of these boats were being used for firewood! Until some resourceful person with a keen eye realised that they were idealĀ  reusable sources of some really hardy and slow growing woods such as teak and ironwood.

Transformed into beautiful and long lasting one-off pieces of furniture with a million stories to tell under layers and layers of gorgeous paint, they’ve become pretty irresistible. So irresistible that we have basically furnished our house with boats and have a few extra bits and pieces that are available for sale, including: a table, shelves, frames, and wine racks like you’ve never seen before. So please get in touch at if you are interested. To arrange a viewing if you are in the Wellington (NZ) area, please call 021-766-827.



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