Massive thanks to everybody for sending in their beautiful photos! It’s lovely to see the hats in action everywhere from Machu Picchu to Denmark to New York to New Zealand to The Amazing Traveling Photo Booth to Hawaii! Great to see that some of you have a Moonshine Washingline hat for every season and that some of you even wear them lining-side out, maxing them out to the max.

If you still have photos you’d like to send in, send them on over, I’d love to see and share them. Below are some of my favourites so far.

Now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, here are the lucky winners of the lucky-as draw…!

Lucky 1st, winner of a $50 gift certificate, is Karen!

Lucky 2nd, winner of a $25 gift certificate is Dion!

Lucky 3rd, winner of a $15 gift certificate is Vera!

Wohoo! Congratulations guys. Thanks again to everyone for sending in photos. I will be doing this again so keep snapping.

Time for me to head to the coast of the South Island to get trained in the ways of the Dirt Doctor. See you when I get back. Happy equinoxoxox.



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3 responses to “Lucky-As!

  1. You’re an international star! I can’t wait to get in on this.

  2. that’s a fantastic shot of your ma!

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