a la campagne

A quick and urgent update to let you know that I am in France at the moment, working on a stop motion animated music video for Jacob Perkins & The Nobody at this amazing place known as the Performing Arts Forum. It is in a giant ex-nunnery/convent school with 2 wings, 4 floors, 50 or so rooms, 3 pianos (1 grand!) and peacocks in the courtyards upon gardens upon woods, in a very tiny village northeast of Paris (2 bakeries and 1 florist). Here’s a bird’s eye view of the building!

AIR photo 2 PAF_4.preview

Just arrived after epic month long bike ride from Denmark, which I promise to write a more informative post on soon! Will be back in NZ in October and back to the sewing machine in full force! Can’t wait! But for now, stay tuned and I will post music video updates and maybe even soon reveal some work from my other job as a writer. Till then amigos.



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2 responses to “a la campagne

  1. wow that place looks amazing! what a score. except for the peacocks, they scream like crying babies and its a little freaky. Have you heard them do this yet?

    what else do you need in the village besides pastries and bouquets? sounds perfect 🙂

  2. Oh wow!
    I’m so happy to read this post, Hana!
    Send my greetings to Jacob also ya!



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