introducing Champ and the other side of the story

Bonjour mes petites cheries,

Since I’m at least a full day of flying away from my sewing machine and supplies, and am not yet ready to report on craft-related news, I wanted to direct your attention to – Champ tours the New World – where I’ve just written a blowout update on what I am up to, where I’ve been, what’s been going on etc. It’s a blog I started when on a music tour of the U.S. last summer (a term that I feel like I am using haphazardly just because I can’t remember when it was last not summer (no complaints there)) in an ’85 Toyota van lovingly known as Champ. If you get into the story you will see that we took Champ to see a large part of the lower 48 states, right before his comfortable retirement in Oregon (not to say that he’s had his last adventure). But as will happen with rusty ex-cleaner’s cargo vans, Champ is always with us in our hearts everywhere we go and so, the story goes on. Check it out, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry.


Here is an excerpt from the trailer:

“Started as a digital scrap book of our adventures and misadventures on the Jacob Perkins & The Nobody tour of the u.s.of.A., a tribute to people, places and a magical ‘85 toyota cargo van that really did “RUN LIKE A CHAMPEON” as promised (and sometimes didn’t run, but was always a champion), this blog continues on across oceans and between hemispheres, exploring the serendipitous road to finding what we never knew we were looking for, insisting on the possibility of an intentional international community, and sharing our process through the hardships and rewards of a Do It Yourself life dedicated to music, art, stories, family, friends, food, and this ever-elusive ever-present everywhere place called Home.”

ps. My etsy shop is currently in “Vacation Mode” even though I’m not really on vacation. Will be back on in November. Meanwhile, many of my hats have gone to a lovely little shop in Portland, Oregon, more on that soon…! xoh


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