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to NZ we go!

just packed my portable arts and crafts studio, some new hats i’ve been making (“Hats for Every Man, Woman and Child”), the secret superhero wonderpants, and some jewelry-in-the-making from the likes of porcupine needles and crocheted bon bons. but no time for photos now!

headed for new zealand tomorrow bright and early, first stop auckland, where i’ll be selling these goodies at the Cross Street Carnival…(click on the picture for the details) Mark your calendars, Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day, come for the love. hope to see you there!



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Two Thousand and Shine

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: here’s to one wonderful year after another! Two Thousand and Shine, ohoooo yeah I can feel it. Things have been prolific and profound and challenging and fulfilling.

final minutes of 2008 on a bridge in bangkok

final minutes of 2008 on a bridge in bangkok

I’m working on more hats to take to New Zealand (in 2 weeks, here we come!), will post them when they’re ready of course. In the meantime, I can hardly wait to get back to my stencils and paints that I had to leave behind in NZ so I’ve been working on a “secret superhero” underwear range.

And because today happens to be Tuesday January 20, 2009, here’s a sneak preview…




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