Two Thousand and Shine

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: here’s to one wonderful year after another! Two Thousand and Shine, ohoooo yeah I can feel it. Things have been prolific and profound and challenging and fulfilling.

final minutes of 2008 on a bridge in bangkok

final minutes of 2008 on a bridge in bangkok

I’m working on more hats to take to New Zealand (in 2 weeks, here we come!), will post them when they’re ready of course. In the meantime, I can hardly wait to get back to my stencils and paints that I had to leave behind in NZ so I’ve been working on a “secret superhero” underwear range.

And because today happens to be Tuesday January 20, 2009, here’s a sneak preview…





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2 responses to “Two Thousand and Shine

  1. Hana!
    That’s so cool!
    Can I order one?

  2. Ha! Hannah! Where have I been? Not knowing that you’ve lept back into this space! What a yowser! And only one week and you’re here!!! The YES-undies are most excellent. Most!
    Now we must set up din-din times so we can re-kindle and Lievie will be so thrilled because you are that beautiful Bali princess (she likes to look at the pics!).
    XXX Lies

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