the more the merrier

on dec 10th i’ll be putting my etsy shop on “vacation mode” until jan 2. which means, i’ll be leaving the sewing machine and hats behind while i take part in another missif, so if you’d like to stake your claim before the new year, now’s the time!


meanwhile, can’t. stop. making. hats. today i broke a bobbin in half, bent a needle, ripped about a million seams, shed blood and covered the house in all the more fluff and thread. just can’t resist when i have little plans like this to bring to life.

hot off the press

hot off the press

below are new hats that i’ve recently put up for sale, click on the photos to get a closer look and see the inside, backside, and flipside etc.








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One response to “the more the merrier

  1. i can see me in that purple hat… i think it would change my life… yes, i love it that much

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