Caps Galore & “Goodbye NZ Sale!”

Attention NZ residents! the following union caps (for women, men, girls and boys) and all goods below will be departing the country on May 17th.  So if you want something, act now! E-mail me ( or come to Craftwerk TOMORROW (may 3rd, 6pm) at St Kevins arcade on K road.  It’s free and full of handmade treasures.

 My “Goodbye NZ Sale” will include union caps, swoopneck singlets, glass jujube bead necklaces and wonderpants, and feature handmade lace lingerie fashioned by my dear friend Miss Jeninopolous. 

Attention Melbourne residents!  know any potential market places in the area?

ps. note the hat stand sculptures made lovingly by my lovely husband





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2 responses to “Caps Galore & “Goodbye NZ Sale!”

  1. lovely husband… oh I love to hear that. GREAT work team hana and jake!
    i want them all. ah ah ah

  2. I dooo want a swoopneck singlet. I’m not impatient though, I can wait. let me know the details and what details you need for me and we’ll talk business. ha : )

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