Winter Hats and Endless Summer Hats

 I’ve made almost 20 new hats over the past few weeks and will be posting photos of them over the next few days so watch this space.  But for now here are the first 4…note the ear flaps and wind flaps (and the grapevines in the background, taken on our current “back porch”)




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3 responses to “Winter Hats and Endless Summer Hats

  1. oh, these are great! I love the windflaps and earflaps. So cool.

  2. oh they look so pretty. also this photo looks kind of like a confrontation. ear flaps vs. bands with buttons. Who will win?


  3. wow these are looking good. if and when i join an army/good-team of one or more soldiers/good-people you will be the one to make our caps.

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