have been sewing with furor for the next Auckland Craftwerk as part of the AK Festival on March 17, ’06: 1-4pm at Britomart in the The Famous Spiegeltent of my dreams! As part of Ripped, a “rock & indie party!”

plus, i’ve always needed a public forum.

it’s lovely to be here, pressing words.

ps. please send enquiries to



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6 responses to “Greetings

  1. Lies

    Waaaaaaaah haaaaaaaaa.
    Woooooooh hoooooooo.
    Tres tres tres tres tres
    Bien bien bien bien.

  2. Lieveke

    Tatatata tatatata
    Tetetete tetetete
    I want it all tootootootootoo.

  3. ld

    likalikalikalikalika! wooooooo!!!!

  4. holy smokes! this is great. lovely stuff han and beautiful blog (I knew you couldn’t resist for long) Hey I will link you and you will become instantly famous (hahaah its fun to pretend)
    glad you are making more of those button shirts, make sure to make some in non hana sizes 🙂

  5. maree

    Love the wonderpants – especially – will be buying a wee supply from you. Yes – hope they are non-hana sizes:) Awesomely lush collection hana! xx

  6. oriza

    Hana Sayang, They all are lovely! Hope tante ori will find the size for the top and the hat.. Can’t wait to see them soon…
    See you dear..

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